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English - Theory and organization

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English - Theory and organization Empty English - Theory and organization

Message par ChaAy le Ven 6 Fév - 20:15


In the first time this cup will begin on week 6 on this season : March 04th.
You have to join before February 23rd.

Link to join

We always have a solution for a team who wants to participate but is always qualified in national's cup : they choice themselves a substitute team (or one the opponent will choice if they don’t have anyone), for all match where it is needed.

The cup will end at the end of the season, or earlier.


All matches will be play on neutral's ground.

In a first time, the teams will oppose in some championships.

Then, we organize two boards : if we have two groups of 6, three first’s team go on A board, and the three latest teams go on B board.
This board with play into deathmatchs.

We propose a superfinal between the A-board winner and the B-Board winner, the winner will be the great winner.

The TAC contract

Win the cup is good.

But sign the TAC contract and you have the glory !

If a team succeeds in realizing the TAC contract, it wins the thophy and this cup will end.

In order to sign the TAC contract, it will be necessary to have all this conditions on the same round :

-> The team is not forced to play CA but it must win all the matches it plays with this tactic
-> It must have the best’s goal in CA from the cup,
-> It must win the A-Board with counterattack,
-> It must win the superfinal with counterattack.

Contre la loi du milieu, pour le terrorisme de la Contre-Attaque !

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